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Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen – A Movie Review

'The Fallen Have Returned For Their Revenge'

'The Fallen Have Returned For Their Revenge'

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen – A Movie Review

As the surprise package of summer 2007 Transformers delivered one of the most entertaining actions blockbusters in years. With a worldwide box office taking of $700,000,000 a pulsating, gaudy, eye piercing, action packed extravaganza of a sequel was pretty much a no-brainer. In 2009 Michael Bay armed with a reported $200,000,000 budget has re-animated the franchise once more. The fallen will rise for their revenge once more.

The Transformers franchise translates well to the big screen for the simple reason that the filmmakers understand its place and purpose and never try deviate from fulfilling its objectives.  Yes, the acting is hammy, but this is to be expected. Any performance that pertained to be profound would be deemed pretentious. Yes the storyline is fast paced and simplistic, however if the story endeavoured to invoke some deep-seated emotional repression with the audience it would confuse, bore and distract the audience from gigantic, menacing robots incessant duelling with our very existence at stake.

'Non Biological Entities Duel On Earth'

'Non Biological Entities Duel On Earth'

With the Transformers universe having its own mythology, complete with dedicated followers it was of paramount importance for the filmmakers do not disappoint the ‘fanboys’. These dedicated and obsessive followers are a significant amount of your potential audience and their opinions are of vital importance to ensuring the commercial success of the movie.  As with the first Transformers adaptation the sequel secures the admiration of the ‘die hards’ making sure they achieve the correct feel, which they have achieved. The Transformers personas are well developed and accurate thus ensuring they are portrayed as three dimensional characters.  The visual characters are a testament to the advancement of special effects over the last decade or so and the overall feel of the movie is thoroughly enjoyable. In general they treat Transformers with the respect they demand according to the comic books and the additional stories told.

'Optimus Prime'

'Optimus Prime'

The story picks up neatly from the conclusion of the first film. Optimus Prime and the remainder of the Autobots are hunting down the rest of the Decepticons on Earth, whilst seemingly aware under the surface there is a war brewing. An ancient Decepticon is intent on returning to earth with potentially catastrophic consequences.  Sam Witwicky, portrayed by the jester  Shia LeBeouf is off the college and agonising over leaving his ridiculously attractive girlfriend Makayla, portrayed by Megan Fox behind.

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen initiates the visual assault from very early in the film and the onslaught rarely ceases  through its entire three hour duration. The fight sequences are laid out one after another with every intentional cinematographic trick is deployed to make each offensive seems fresh. As expected the CGI and special effects on display are of the highest

'Sam And Makayla Flee For Their Lives'

'Sam And Makayla Flee For Their Lives'

standard perhaps ever seem on film with the interaction between humans and robots appearing seamless, the transformations eye popping and the fight scenes most certainly contradictory to anything mechanical.

However, the story is unnoticeable in all the explosions, battles and bright colours. The movie is all about the robots which in essence is all it should be about so therefore is forgivable. The other complaint to be pernickety is the acting is somewhat lacklustre. Yes, in this type of movie the acting is of secondary importance to the special effects and CGI demonstrations, though it is difficult for the audience to truly engage with their human counterparts when they appear more mechanical than the machines. Shia LeBeouf to his credit does prove himself a more than capable leading man with solid comic timing. However, the rest of the actors are merely props employed the move the story along to the next action showpiece.  Megan Fox is the other reason most male audiences would be willing to pay the admission fee. As expected she is as visually stunning as anything CGI technology can create.

'Revenge Of The Fallen'

'Revenge Of The Fallen'

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen delivers on all the levels you would expect it to. Despite its long running time it was entertaining and does live up to all the pre-release hype. It is bigger, louder, and more motorized than its predecessor and after all that is the fundamental purpose of any sequel.  It is the type of movie which doesn’t require any thought at all, just sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy. A highly entertaining showpiece.


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