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A Gig Review – Paramore

'Let The Flames Begin!'

'Let The Flames Begin!'


Whoa, Let’s Start A Riot! Paramore are in town!

By far the highlight of a somewhat lacklustre night at The Apollo where more experienced bands such as New Found Glory failed to impress, Paramore’s jovial emo pop punk sound united a somewhat divided audience with their ceaseless energy and faultless performance!

With the flame haired pixie Hayley Williams, lead vocalist of the Tennessee band belting out anthems such as Misery Business, All We Know and That’s What You Get for a jubilant crowd of onlookers even the seemingly most cynical of observers (myself included) were revelling in the infectious atmosphere by the climax of the fifty minute set!

It isn’t hard to believe why this band have progressed so rapidly over the last two years and now with the solid Much Like Falling album followed up with their hugely impressive sophomore release Riot! Their future looks exceedingly bright.

With the flame haired master of ceremonies so angelically vocalising the trials and tribulations of kids of her generation, complemented perfectly by the tight ensemble of a band unified as one the excitement and exhilaration enthralled all those in the audience!

'Whoa We Got Everybody Singing Whoa!

'Whoa, We Got Everybody Singing Whoa, Whoa!'

The set listing was intelligent ensuring die hard fans were not disappointed through effectively blending sounds from the slightly harder first album All That We Know Is Falling with newer emo pop tracks from Riot! all the while simultaneously introducing novices such as myself to their sound. With the lead vocalist Miss Williams consistently encouraging the audience to participate in the band’s festivities I left the gig with the full intention of immediately visiting iTunes upon my return home.

Within the short space of two years Paramore have progressed extensively to the point where they are now teetering on the edge of superstardom and international acclaim along the lines of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance beckons.

I must admit as a pessimist to Paramore’s blend of pop, punk emo amalgamation I am pretty optimistic to where their future is heading! An excellent gig from an excellent band!


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